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StellarQ research services utilize a wide and extensive range of registry information, which provides a strong foundation for research. Its core strengths that help support research include a high-quality structurally recorded prospective data set and a supplementary retrospective data set, which are usable from the onset of the disease. StellarQ is able to help and participate in every step of the research process, from conceptualization to the publication of the article or final report.


StellarQ’s expertise are based on three main pillars:

1. We know the registries we use

Our knowledge allows us to understand the data in the registries, and we have the competencies to evaluate the scope of the data and its quality in relation to its desired use.

2.We know the diseases in the registries

Our strong core competencies allow us to provide insights into research questions and study design, and to proactively contribute to the nature of the analysis.

3. We are experts in information processing and analysis

Data processing and reporting is carried out by our experienced specialists.


In most cases, our research projects go through four stages.

1. Conceptualization

  • Research plan
  • Research group
  • Budgeting
  • Contracts

2. Authorisation stage

  • Preparing and applying for the research permit

3. Data processing and analysis

  • Pseudonymisation
  • Combining and editing data
  • Data analysis (aggregation)

4. Finalising the project

  • Research reports
  • Article materials
  • Publications

We work in close proximity with different registry experts. We enhance the research plan by helping with composing the research questions, producing the variable listings and creating the preliminary analysis plan.

The new 2019 act on secondary use of healthcare data has caused a significant change in research operations and data use in Finland. We have developed and adjusted our operations in a direction where the inclusion of Findata is taken into account as effectively as possible as a part of our research projects. We have completed several Findata authorisation processes successfully.

We are experienced professionals when it comes to data editing and statistical tasks. Our analytics services emphasise our data and user expertise and our long experience. We emphasise quality and usability in our reporting, whether the objective is, for example, supporting a price application, or publishing research.


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